Sleek Palette Swatches and Review. Acid, Snapshot, Ultra matte V1, Ultra matte V2, Sunset, Bad Girl, Storm, Au Naturel, Oh So Special, Sparkles.

Sleek palette has always been one of my favorites, I always keep at least one sleek palette in my kit when I'm freelancing. I've had 3 sleek palettes before and now I bought 7 more. Surprisingly, the Matte colours are frankly not as amazing as the shimmery or iridescent colours. Which I don't blame them because it is not easy to make a very pigmented matte eyeshadow. But as I said, most of them are pretty amazing. Especially for it's price! It retails for $9.99 euro each, around $100HKD each.  

Good thing about them is that now they have names for each eyeshadow, which in the older version they didn't have that. They've changed the packaging a little as well. When you open up the palette, the mirror doesn't fall 180 degree downwards anymore, it can actually stand up on it's own when you put it on a table! This is really important because the mirror is basically pointless if it can't stand up on its own. 

This is how I store them, I've bought this container at Japanese home in case you wanna know :)


Wasn't expecting much from this palette at the beginning, but it didn't disappoint me at all. These colours are perfect for spring and it's really shimmery and pigmented, even the matte ones are pretty good.
con: the blue colour on top left "summer breeze". I love blue, hoping it will show up a bit more bright on the skin, but it's still a good colour on a paler skin colour :)


This palette still has the old packaging. 

Look at those neon colours! SHOW STOPPERS!! They appear more powdery than the others which is normal, because that's how all the neon colours are.
cons: That White, second to the top left.. I was like whattt???.... It's not even showing up!!! bad bad bad!

Au Naturel 

The colours looks pretty similar with Naked 2 palette from urban decay, definitely a good dupe. pretty amazing quality let me tell you.  

The Top row really disappoints me, only maybe 2 of the colours are visible, I don't see myself using the colours on top except for the one on top right and maybe the white and the visible light brown.
The bottom row, however, AMAZED ME! There's no reason why I wouldn't love it. It has solid matte colours and some gorgeous Shimmery ones that I don't hate at all!
I can see many people would love to use this palette. It's perfect all year round, you can create smoky looks and very neutral looks with this palette. I love every single colour in the bottom row!    

 Ultra Mattes V2 Darks 

These matte colours are better than the ones on other palette. I was quite scared that they would not show up. But they are pretty pigmented, all of them, even the white one. Which makes me wonder why don't they make the same white on other palettes as well. Because this one is simply so much better that the other white or beige tone colours I've swatched  on other palettes!
These colours reminded me of princess Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin. The colours are bright but dimmed at the same time. I think these colours works really well on olive and brown skin tones.
But I can see myself using them in autumn/ winter for photoshoots.  


Suprisingly, I think this is one of my favorite palette from sleek (that i own). They are sparkly so nothing will go wrong with it! The reason that I love it so much is that some colours are matte with a very light touch of sparkles on top. Some are iridescent and some are in-your-face shimmery! Amazing combination of colours. The colours in this palette goes well with the Ultra matte V1 Darks palette... it will add just a little spark to the look. Again, I think these colours will especially go well with olive and darker skin tones. look at that orangy red on the 3rd to the left on top row....delicious! 

 Ultra Matte V2 Brights 

Very unexpected colours for a matte palette. These colours are definitely not wearable for every day looks, not for me. But these are definately fun colours to wear for special occasions....i don't know a circus clown show maybe? Just kidding. These colours are wonderful to work with when doing creative and colourful make ups. 

Oh So Special

My Favorite palette! Everything is very pigmented except for the useless vanilla colour. I hated it so much I have to do a close up shot on it.
but everything else is beautiful, so wearable and the pinks are just amazing, perfect for pink lovers and valentines day. Even the browns are so pretty, it will work amazing as an eyebrow powder. and yes, I use eyeshadows on my eyebrows, even on my clients, all my friends does and even my teachers. so YES! you can use it on your brows! just not the shimmery ones. "Gift Basket" is an amazing lid colour. I would wear that everyday if i could! and "celebrate" is like beauty marked from MAC, but except this colour works better than MAC's "beauty marked"! :D for a much cheaper prince as well! with the money for a single eyeshadow from mac you can get an entire palette from sleek!!! OHH MAHH GAAAD GO GET THIS NOW!! 
Why can't they just make the vanilla colour they have in the "Ultra Matte V1" Palette? It's not the exact same shade but at least that colour showed up and this.... doesn't work at all. 

what? what's wrong? nothing's showing up! 

you can't even see it... it's right there, can you even tell? 


Look at that! This is also one of my favorite palette from sleek. I've had this palette for quite sometime. I've been using it so much that i can say that it works like wonder. I adore this palette. These colours works on almost everyone. nothing much to say about it... see it for yourself. This is a must have in my opinion.

This palette is in the older packaging...and when i swatched them.. i found out that it is more creamier and pigmented than the newer palettes. I Don't know what have they done to the newer palettes, I just like the way it shows up and blends for the older palettes. Maybe I've used them for a long time that's why I feel comfortable using them. But my first impression to the newer ones is that it's not as pigmented as these older ones i've got. 

Bad Girl

look at that amount of pigment. All the colours are at least visible to the eyes i mean... some colours on the newer palettes doesn't even show up on skin. These colours are perfect to create smoky looks :) Love this. The pigmentation on this palette is definitely stronger than the newer ones.. even the matte colors are very creamy and blends wonderfully. 


I love reds. I've instantly fallen in love with this palette when I got this like a year ago, because of the reds :) out of all 3 palettes I had, before buying all these new ones, I didn't really get to use this very often. Simply because these shades are not easy to use on everyday look. But I absolutely adore every single shade in this palette. 

Although the lighter matte colours doesn't really show up on skin and it's not as pigmented as i've imagined, I still think that sleek palettes are very versatile. love the design of the palette, the big mirror... I need to carry around at least 1 sleek eye shadow palette every time i go out. No matter for work or just going out. It's in my emergency kit. a single palette, most of them, could help me create multiple looks and change from a day look to an evening look. love it. A black eyeliner, mascara and sleek palette, I can't go anywhere without them! 

Do check them out, they are definitely worth the money! What else can you ask for! $100HKD for 12 amazing colours... I mean... they are just amazing.... go check them out!


  1. Love to read ur review.
    I want to buy Oh So Special, but after read ur review, me decide to buy the ultra matte v1 palette. Hahaha..
    Thank you ♥


    1. Thanks for reading our posts!
      I'm glad this post helped you =]

  2. omg! i want the oh so special! i have lots of vanillas so id doesn't matter if this one is not pigmented... :P and sunset is also beautiful!

    1. We are glad that our review and swatches helped you =]

  3. Thank you so much for this post. That really helped me choosing my palettes. I will co with ultra matte darks and oh so special

    1. Great! We are so glad you found this post helpful. Check out our other posts if you have the time =]

  4. So envious of your sleek collection. Really love sleek palettes

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    1. Ooooooooh, I'm glad you and Vanessa both enjoy sleek palettes.
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  5. How about the Showstopper palette..? Love this review of urs..!

    1. Unfortunately we are not based in the UK, so it is not very convenient to get sleek palettes.
      But thank you for your comment!
      We'll try to review more sleek products later on!

  6. This was very, very usefull blog post for me, because I wanted to see the colors before I made the purchase. Thank you a lot! Such a good review!

  7. Thanks for the in depth review! :) It really helps a lot!

  8. I. Want. Them. All.
    Thank you for these reviews! :)

  9. Great review!!!
    I cant decide between Oh So Special and Sunset!!!! Please help meeeee????? :D

  10. i see you converted euros to hkd... did you buy these in hong kong? if so, where?

    1. Sorry, these palettes were purchased in the UK.
      But do check their website, I believe sleek do ship internationally.

  11. Oh my gosh - I just found your blog and I've been looking all over for decent swatches and reviews for the Sleek range. Thank you thank you thank you! I'm going to buy Oh So Special, Sunset & I haven't decided on the third.

    (If you're going to click on my blog, I must caution you - it's not kid-friendly in parts :) )

    Thank you again....this is a fantastic review, and this British ex-pat thanks you!

  12. Can anyone tell me how to contact sleek officials? I made an order more than a month ago and its not received yet, nobody is responding to my queries on their official website, Facebook page, twitter, instagram or google plus. There is no phone number provided either. What should i do now? :(

  13. I love the Oh So Special too! I think I will buy them later, I can't wait!